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About GyrKite Tours

Discover the wonders of Ontario's bird life with GyrKite Birding Tours. Our guided birding tours take you to breathtaking habitats and help you explore the natural world like never before. From birding hotspots to lesser-known destinations, our tours offer a unique and memorable opportunity to witness the rich biodiversity of Ontario's birds. Whether you're seeking to add new species to your birding checklist or simply want to appreciate the beauty of nature, GyrKite Birding Tours has the perfect birding experience for you.

A black and white stylized drawing of a Gyrfalcon in flight
A black and white stylized drawing of a Swallow-tailed Kite in flight

Discover the Best Birding  Ontario has To Offer

At GyrKite Tours, our goal is to provide birding tours that take you to some of the best birding locations in Ontario. We are a guiding duo who have a lot of experience identifying local bird species and and touring different habitats. Let us take you on an unforgettable birding adventure! Some popular hotspots include Point Pelee National Park, Pelee Island, Long Point, and Bruce Peninsula. We are also dedicated to providing you with a unique bird watching experience like no other. We specialize in taking you to hidden and less frequented birding hotspots, such as Rainy River, Hilliardton Marsh, Carden Alvar, and the beautiful shores of Lake Huron and Superior. We will ensure that every tour is filled with special moments and unique sightings, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Personalized Birding Tours

We understand that every birder has unique interests and preferences, which is why we offer personalized birding tours. Whether you prefer a specific habitat, getting close to the birds, increasing lists, getting lifers, photography, or going at a specific pace, we can tailor a tour to meet your needs.

Safety and Comfort

At GyrKite Tours, safety and comfort are our top priorities. Routes, accommodation, trail accessibility, and bio breaks are always prioritized and discussed before every outing. Our guides are also trained in first aid and safety procedures in case of any unexpected situations. Everyone is welcome regardless of beliefs, ethnicity, or personal experience; discrimination is NOT tolerated.

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Get to Know the Guides

GyrKite Birding Tours was founded in 2023 by Alessandra Kite (23) and Kiah Jasper (21). They started this guiding company with the goal of sharing their passion of birding, photography, 

and nature with everyone. Both grew up in Ontario and have extensive experience with environmental public education and knowledge of bird identification and natural history.

Click below to learn more about your two birding guides!

Birding Gallery

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