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GyrKite Birding Tours

With an emphasis on education, conservation, and fun, our tours are ideal for birders of all levels. Choose from a variety of tours across Ontario, each with unique habitats and birdlife, and join us for an unforgettable birding experience.

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Get to Know Us

Alessandra Kite and Kiah Jasper are both experienced birding guides with backgrounds in natural history. Their love of birds and the environment is what led them to create GyrKite Tours. Through our guided hikes we aim to provide our customers with a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of the birding world. Our tours are designed to cater to all skill levels, from beginner birders to seasoned experts, so that everyone can get the most out of our trips and enjoy the thrill of birding.

Tour guide Alessandra Kite standing at the railing of a ferry, from mainland Leamington to Pelee Island in Lake Erie, Ontario
Tour guide Kiah Jasper standing on the sandy beach on a sunny day at Point Pelee National Park, Ontario


“I had an excellent outing to Algonquin. Timed perfectly to see massive numbers of finches closeup. We checked out several different habitats and came up with an impressive number of birds that is reflected on the eBird Trip Report generated by GyrKite. Kiah and Alessandra are very knowledgeable, and they were eager to share that knowledge with me and others. I highly recommend GyrKite Birding Tours."

-Bruce Edmunds

Why Choose GyrKite Tours?

With GyrKite Tours, your dream of exploring and discovering the world of birds is just a few clicks away. We only offer small-group birding tours, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience. Our tour leaders are accomplished birders with a vast knowledge of the area and species of birds you'll encounter. They prioritize safety and plan an itinerary that maximizes your potential for a high yield of birds while keeping your comfort in mind.

Let us take you on an adventure that you'll never forget!

Expert Guides

Safety First

Memorable Experience

Unique Environments


GyrKite Blog

Stay up to date with the latest birding news and events with GyrKite Tours. Our blog is regularly updated with interesting articles and information about bird migration and identification. Click here to read our latest blog post!

Where to Find Us

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